Wrong Side Of The Traxx, DJ BJ Interviews Martin Atkins of Pigface

DJ BJ: All right this is DJ BJ with a special interview of Martin Atkins for the Wrong Side of the Traxx Radio Show. How are you doing Martin?Martin Atkins: I’m OK, the weathers kind of horrible in Chicago, but there’s a lot of amazing stuff going on so I’m not complaining.BJ: Yeah, it gives […]

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Music Madness, An Interview with I Ya Toyah

I Ya Toyah was awesome enough to let Rockin’ Robert C (The host of Music Madness) interview her about her new album “Out of Order” which is now available for preorder. Color codes indicate who was speaking each portion of the interview and are as follows: Rockin’ Robert C I Ya Toyah ——————– I have […]

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Continued website remodeling.

Hello, all Wax Radio family and friends. Welcome to the first blog post EVER in the history of Wax Radio. I’m no fan of being tardy to a party, but better late than never! Now that we have all the formalities behind us we can get down to business. I am Rockin’ Robert C the […]

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